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Home Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work

Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work

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Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks To Make It Work

Many nurses are hesitant to take advantage of the extra perks travel nursing has to offer because they may be married or in a long term relationship. This is oftentimes the biggest concern for people to take the leap because they are wondering how their partner is going to feel or what are we going to do to preserve our relationship?

If you’re someone reading this article who doesn’t work in the medical field, this may seem like a big hurdle for your relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, teamwork, and patience, it’s possible to position yourselves to make the change happen smoothly together.

Let’s get into some tips and tricks that can really make this thing work, let’s not focus on the disadvantages of being a travel nurse in this one.

Support The Traveler

In a lot of cases, the income from one travel nurse on average is enough to cover living expenses and lifestyle requirements for the family during their months of travel.

Taking the leap to move to a new city can be a scary task - where do we live? Is it going to be close to work? Will the place be furnished? Will the place we are moving allow for our animals? Do we have to set up our utilities or will the travel company take care of it? Where will we park the car?

Your partner can take charge of the logistics behind moving whilst you focus on the details of transitioning the new job is a great way to make for a pleasant assignment. Your partner can also decide not to work during the assignment, meaning they could possibly drive you to work and maintain the house while you work.

See What’s Local On Your Travel Nursing Assignment

In any place you travel to, there are places to work that are pretty easy to leave once the travel nursing contract is over. Not only do you bring in extra cash for the house, but there are also plenty of opportunities to learn a new skill or get in touch with a brand new community.

Get On-Demand

Jobs like Postmates, Uber, and DoorDash are a way for non-medical partners to bring in extra cash and stay busy while on a travel assignment. It’s easy to transfer to different locations if you decide to take more assignments, all you need to do is click a button, really.

Distance Can Be Good

Many partners to travel nurses choose to stay home and keep the roots healthy. They’ll make periodic visits during their assignment and such. To some, that time apart probably doesn’t sound amazing, but for others, it’s a good way for them to become familiar with the process of travel nursing eventually traveling together in a way that works advantageously for both halves of the partnership.

Travel Nursing Together with your Spouse

If travel nursing is something that your spouse could potentially enjoy, remind them that nursing school is only two years long. A great goal for the partnership could be to do travel nursing together and take assignments together. The key is to find two positions that are close to one another in start dates. And if you’re looking to cash in a little bit with agencies, spouses can still count as a referral.

Travel Nursing while married definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, the key to remember is that you and your spouse can make it happen, whether it’s with the tips in this guide or not. If you’re looking for your next travel nursing job opportunity, don’t forget to sign up on our free Healthcare Job Board, Healthcare Consultant.

Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work
Jake Tilk

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